So I’m at the supermarket and there’s this mother and two little girls ahead of me in check-out line and mom’s unloading her stuff from the cart. And her two little girls are super cute, one a little older and chubby, maybe eight or nine, and the other maybe six or seven. Both in matching dresses with long hair. So the older one, the chubby one is getting kind of jiggy with it, humming some tune in her head, and then she goes over and starts twerking the cart! Cracked me up. Little sister giggles kind of half admiring, half wondering if she should join in way. But then her mom sees the older girl twerking, and goes upside her head, which doesn’t seem to phase her too much, because soon as Mom’s back is turned Chubby gets all jiggy again and starts twerking her little sister! Who soon starts to cry.

What is it with some little girls and their moves? Is there some go-go homunculus in some of us that can’t resist a pom-pom, a pastie or a pole? Does it really have anything at all to do with self-objectification or degradation, or is it just kind of a rush? To shake it. It’s the men who sing about it, sure, who make it all about them. But is it? Has it ever been, really? Just about the dangers of being looked at rather than the secret joys of uninhibited wiggling?

The answer of course is yes. And maybe that’s why moms go upside our heads. Bless them.

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