The monster’s back

It feels okay. I’m inspired and motivated by knowing it’s there, what I saw and who I talked to. I visited the grandmother I miss every day at the cemetery, which was harder than I thought it would be, hung out with my family, wore out the handycam, and flew across the country at night for a two hour lunch with my agent in NYC. The subway spat me out at Times Square. I hung out at the Village and the cab took me home past my past—Queens Blvd. And up until the terrible news from HIS home, Christchurch, I got a kick out of seeing the old man in vacation mode. All in all, just what the psyche doctor ordered.
So now, back to hard hard work. We landed at 6 am on the 28thand I was teaching by 10. Yesterday felt the strain, but ready to kick it now, like any good American Monster.

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