Create NSW JS Breukelaar

Thanks to CreateNSW

Thanks to the generosity of CreateNSW, I was able to spend two weeks on the South Coast to finish the first draft of my new novella, Remedy. It’s about being taken, literally, by forces outside of your control, out of your life and dumped in another. No body-swap happy endings here, people, just saying.

Here is a sample.

Buddha bowls and ginger shots in Burradise. Who’d have thunk? Balancing the takeout in one hand, hooking the bag with the drink bottles over the handlebars, Jess wobbled in the seat more than a little, regretting the hangover and wishing yet again that Lynne had wanted to check out the new food truck herself instead of preferring to stay home with the bees. Jess would just have to try again next weekend. It was getting harder and harder to drag her wife out. The bees for one thing – Lynne loved those stingers more than God. Said the future of the earth depended on them.

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