Not right wing, not conservative; just scared and sad.

All this GOP stuff is such a scary joke, isn’t it. Makes me kind of depressed. I know that’s an understatement. But I was reading what Meryl Streep said about how these nutjobs have hijacked the conservative party in the US and it’s true. The debate just isn’t serious any more. Another understatement. But I’m a serious person. I like my nuts to be serious about their politics. Like Jerry Lewis. And Mary Tyler Moore. Not folks like Sarah Palin saying Obama should have had a Christmas tree on his card. That’s not politics. It’s just embarrassing. It’s a kind of psychic terrorism. A terrible numbing dumbing down.

No. Give me Mary Tyler Moore any day. Saw the last show in the series last night on cable. Wow. I don’t think any of us realize just how radical this chick, this show was in its day. Compare Mary’s take on marriage to the reactionary right as espoused by Michele Bachmann.

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