Launch of Alan Baxter’s ‘Bound’

#Alan Baxter and Margo Lanagan

Alan Baxter goes one on one with Margo Lanagan about brain vomit, gargoyle sex and the art of the warrior writer.

In addition to buying Alan’s book, I caught up with a bunch of people, and met Margo Lanagan for the first time. “Singing My Sister Down” is possibly one of the great stories of the last decade, and it still blows my mind and the minds of my students. So I bought her new book, Tender Morsels, that does crazy things with language, like, ‘Time stretched and shrank. She seemed to stretch and shrink. The pain pressed her flat, the crashing of the wood. Da muttered out there, muttered forever; his muttering had begun before her thirteen years had, and she would never hear the end of it; she must simply be here while it rose from blackness and sank again like a great fish into a lake, like a great water snake.’

So I got to meet the woman who wrote that, and she signed my title page, and it turns out we’re neighbors. She lives down the road from me. Love.

Also some stuff in the works for me, having to do with the new novel, waiting to see that unfold. TGIF suckers.

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