Go here now, if you want nine of the best weird books you’ll ever read. Ever. Here is a list, with selected reviews, and don’t forget, you can get these, all of these, thanks to the good folks at Lazy Fascist Press, and Story Bundle, and PAY WHATEVER YOU WANT, yeah that, at Story Bundle.

The Last Final Girl by Stephen Graham Jones

“Perhaps the smartest send-up of slashers ever, a brainier, brawnier, literary SCREAM; the ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN of the genre […] the greatest slasher movie never made. Yet.” – Jesse Bullington, Innsmouth Free Press

The Art of Horrible People by John Skipp

“The Art of Horrible People may very well be one the best collections published this year, and we certainly hope to read more by John very soon. By using the genres that made him a household name in Horror fiction, John Skipp’s stories transcend those genres, proving art is alive and well and exists in the first place you need to look.” – Bob Pastorella, This Is Horror

Skullcrack City by Jeremy Robert Johnson

“A nightmarish yet hilarious journey that begins in the ugly world of toxic mortgages and progresses to the slightly uglier world of brain-eating monsters lurking in dark alleys. You’re in for an entirely unpredictable ride, the tale spinning ludicrously out of control as the hero uncovers layer after grotesque layer of a vast macabre conspiracy. Skullcrack City is original, utterly insane, and a shitload of fun.” – David Wong, author of John Dies at the End

Animal Money by Michael Cisco

“Brilliant and demanding […] Simultaneously the strangest high-finance thriller ever and a rumination on value theory and the financial shituation (sic), it deserves to provoke as much excitement among philosophers of money as it does among aficionados of weird fiction.” – China Mieville, The Guardian

American Monster by J.S. Breukelaar

“The closest a book’s come to Samuel R Delany’s Dhalgren probably ever. Breukelaar is one of the best new writers around and I can’t wait for whatever comes next. Read this book. There’s really nothing else like it.” – Edward J. Rathke, The Best Indie Press Books I’ve Ever Read

The Last Horror Novel in the History of the World by Brian Allen Carr

“The Last Horror Novel is quick and strange, its pleasures diverse—from the poetic prose at the beginning, to its riffs on small town life and the horror genre, to the creep out of a swarm of hands. Unlike life in Scrape, it’s always exciting. And unlike the citizens of Scrape, it never stays in the same place for too long.” – American Book Review

The Pleasure Merchant by Molly Tanzer

“The Pleasure Merchant is a hilarious, sensuous, and ultimately ferocious quasihistorical novel about that most crucial of periods: the dawn of the modern era. The merchant class flexed its muscles, scientists turned their attentions to the workings of the human mind, sexual mores were challenged in public and in secret, and in every corner of society the unseen hand of the marketplace dominated all. Tanzer’s clever slicing of the era reveals every social stratum of her world-their conflicts, their compromises, and their kinks. Read this book to learn what you’ve been soaking in your whole life.” – Nick Mamatas, author of Love is the Law and I Am Providence

Where We Live and Die by Brian Keene

“…Last year, the modern-day dark-fiction icon released this particularly powerful collection of pieces ‘deconstruct[ing] the mystique of the writing life.’ Keene’s “metafictional” ghost story ‘The Girl on the Glider’—probably the most thought-provoking skeptical inquiry into the supernatural since WILL STORR VS. THE SUPERNATURAL nearly a decade ago—is the centerpiece, though the ensuing stories, poems, harangues and incitements do not disappoint.” – Shawn Macomber, Fangoria

Witch Hunt by Juliet Escoria

“Unrelenting, violent, often scary: Juliet Escoria’s debut collection of stories will likely have you begging and crying for salvation a few pages in. She’s just that good.” – Jason Diamond, Flavorwire

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