Hipster Hitler, and other furors.

01_ironic_invasionI was looking up some hipster stuff and I came across this. They do animations, too.

Me liking this got me thinking about Spike Lee’s recent comments about Django unchained, and how it disrespects his ancestors.

I guess what really bothers me about Lee’s comments is summed up in an incident at my work a couple of years ago. We were teaching an incendiary mix of Palestinian and Holocaust literature (don’t ask) to under-achieving freshman students, many of whom on this particular campus are from Middle Eastern backgrounds. Fortunately there were only one or two who expressed anti-semitic sentiments in their term papers, and these were dealt with by the university disciplinary committees. At a meeting, however, the course co-ordinator turned to the only one of us she knew was Jewish and apologized specifically to him.

‘I’m sorry,’ she said, ‘This must be upsetting to you.’

My colleague blanched and took a moment. ‘It must be upsetting to all of us,’ he said.

Heil, Hipster.

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  1. What if I thought that his depiction of Malcom X in his 1992 movie ‘Malcom X’ was incentive to Malcom X? (Hypothetically speaking of course, because I think that was spike lee’s greatest movie ever:) That would of course be a huge stretch compared to Django, because ‘X’ was in biographical form, however, there were certainly elements of the movie that were definitely fictional. My point is, Quentin Tarantino has written and produced a movie that is fictional and it is portrayed as such, but it contains some true elements and I think it will be great at provoking conversation about the Maafa (African Holocaust), and this is coming from someone who has not even seen the movie yet. As of now, African slavery in America’s past is so taboo. Our schools dont want to address it, and Hollywood doesn’t either.

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