A month of firsts

It has been a month of firsts in a year of firsts. Last week, I was interviewed for the first time ever, an out-of-body experience if there ever was one, so watch this space; I sent off my first collection of shorts to the sublime and savvy Le Zaparogue, got my first cover art, and my first foreword —authored by the formidable Kris Saknussemm. Oh, and I bought my first Crock Pot.

So I finally have one of those volcanic, bubbling, gloppy mechanical kitchen monsters that my friends used to have when I was a kid.

And, I’m thinking for the first time in a long time about friends. Not a strong suite of mine, I’ve always thought, being a friend. But lately I’ve been getting to know some really smart, creative people, and I’m letting them be my friends, and am hoping, for the first time, that I measure up.

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