J.S. Breukelaar

A monstrous claw comes out of the sky and wrenches a woman away from her child, taking her far from home to a mirror world. Traumatized and visibly scarred, dismissed as hysterical, irrational even—Nat finds others like her in a support group, taken from their worlds and those they love with no explanation, living false lives of the walking wounded. Is there no hope of return? No remedy? When an apparent savior appears, claiming to know the way back, some jump at the chance. But what if the cure is worse than the disease?

About J.S. Breukelaar

 J.S. Breukelaar is an American-Australian author living in Sydney. Her new novella, Remedy is forthcoming from PS Publications in 2024. Her collection, Collision was a finalist in the Shirley Jackson Award as well as winning both the Aurealis and Ditmar Awards, and longlisted for both the Locus and Stoker awards. Her novels and stories have won, been nominated, or commended in international awards including  Stoker, Locus Story South, Australian Shadows, Ditmar, Varuna Award, Wonderland Award and James R Tiptree Jnr. Award. Breukelaar’s stories, essays, and poems have appeared in numerous publications including Apex Magazine, The Dark, Black Static, Fantasy, the Shirley Jackson nominated anthology Tiny Nightmares (Catapult), the award-winning Flame Tree anthology series edited by Mark Morris, and elsewhere including several Years Bests. She has a PhD in Creative Writing and Film Studies and teaches writing and literature in Sydney and elsewhere. A graduate of the Tin House Summer Writers Workshop (2013) she is also one of the authors selected for Bloomsbury Press’s Women in Speculative Fiction (2024).


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“Collision shows J.S. Breukelaar’s range, from horror to fantasy to literary to science fiction and every emotional register between, but, after reading this collection, I’m not at all sure there’s any kind of limit to what she can get done on the page.” 

Stephen Graham Jones


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